Moisture Management and Quick Dry performance are being enhanced to more efficient level through exclusive knitting techniques. Wearers can experience the comfy breathability and dry coziness brought by the accelerated wicking process and smooth texture with less abrasion.
Development of fabric stretch and recovery at different extents would suit the variety of physical motion in daily and in sporting activity.
Insulation layer provides wearer the comfortable warmth retention, softness and lightweight in cold conditions.
The application of multiple techniques on knitting, laminates, and bonding, demonstrates the best range of windproof function and enables the outdoor adventures perform the best.
Excellent water repellence through state-of-the-art design of knitting construction allows wearer have free moves in breezy and light showers.
Our special lamination techniques constitute the layered fabrics with membranes, which broaden the potential in application of functional fabrics.
Be kind to the nature! Brands and consumers have green options to protect our planet. Little King offers eco textiles with GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certifying the use of post-consumer bottle to revive as recycle yarn.
Anti-microbial finish keeps wearers stay fresh through odor control with antibacterial and antifungal properties.